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Brian approaches each new client with no inhibitions.  His clientele ranges over a multitude of sports in all types of levels of play.  He has experience at a professional level, in addition to collegiate and high school athletics.

USA Eagles 2016 ARC Tour

Assistant Athletic Trainer

USA Men's Eagles 15's


Brazil  |  Uruguay  |  USA

February 2016

USA Falcons 2016 South America Tour

Head Athletic Trainer

USA Falcons, 2016 American Sevens


Argentina  |  Chile

January 2016

World Rugby U20 Junior World Trophy

Athletic Trainer

AIG Men’s Junior All-American



April 2016

World Surf League 2011-2016

Approved medical provider for World Surf League

US Open Surfing, Huntington Beach, CA

World Championship Tour Lower Trestles Competition, San Clemente, CA

World Championship Tour Steamer Lane Competition, Santa Cruz, CA

World Qualifying Series Lower Trestles Competition, San Clemente, CA

WSL Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro, Oceanside, CA

San Diego State University

Rugby 2011-2015

National 7's Tournaments

15's NCAA Collegiate Coverage

Las Vegas International Rugby Tournament (7's tournament)

USA Rugby National Collegiate Finals (7's tournament)

X Games LA 2013

Certified Athletic Trainer

Biomechanics Analysis

English Channel Swim 2013

A major accomplishment for both athletic trainer and athlete was preparing Alli DeFrancesco to swim the English Channel.  Alli approached Brian with a goal in mind and an interesting history.


At the age of 21 years old, Alli was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system.  After initial treatment and chemotherapy, tides began to change for Alli after a successful bone marrow transplant.  It was shortly after that when she felt an overpowering need to do something positive and inspiring.  In that moment Alli decided to swim the English Channel.


While initially planning the swim for the summer of 2012, Alli and Brian trained hard all year.  Unfortunately, due to unforgiving weather conditions Alli did not get to even dip her toes in the water after traveling all that way.  However unforeseen circumstances would not deter Alli.  After training for another year, she and her team returned in August of 2013.  On August 28, after battling strong French tides, chilling water temperature, 10-14 mph winds with gusts ranging from 15-17 mph, and jellyfish, Alli reached the shore at Cap-Gris-Nez, France, in 11 hours 14 minutes, becoming the first Italian women to complete the 28-mile swim.


Not only did Alli accomplish her goal, she swam strong, remained positive, and made a name for herself forever in the record books.

Carlsbad Youth Lacrosse 2013

Brian trained athletes with corrective exercise and conditioning programs.


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