Brian offered the best rehab program that I ever experienced.


My name is Nick Mazzilli and I play rugby locally at San Diego State. After 5 years of playing I have had multiple injuries along with three surgeries. I have gone through a variety of physical therapy and training programs. When I first started training with Brian my body was in knots from my most recent knee surgery, a high ankle sprain, and a pulled glute. In about two months Brian had my body feeling refreshed and ready for the field. From my experiences Brian offered the best rehabilitation program that I ever experienced.  I would recommend Brian for any type of speed, agility, strength, and rehabilitation program. (2013)


Nicholas Mazzilli, E.I.T.

B.S. Student Mechanical Engineering / San Diego State University

Brian Finn has been essential to my back recovery and my road to making the 2014 Women’s World Cup team.


Brian Finn has been essential to my back recovery and my road to making the 2014 Women’s World Cup team. I first met Brian in June 2013 when I was playing rugby in San Diego. I was in the Women’s National Team pool and playing for my local rugby club in San Diego, California. When I met Brian I was impressed with how well he was able to instantly connect to the athletes. I asked if I could work Brian full time because I had been diagnosed with a fracture in my L5, the lowest portion of my spine. I was competing to make the World Cup team in one year and I knew that my injury was potentially career ending. I began seeing Brian 3 times a week for the next 4 months.


When I work with Brian I know that he holds my particular needs as the highest priority. He frequently puts in hours of research and planning before and after our appointments to learn more about my injury and create a special program for me. Brian provides me with all the tools I need to succeed; deep muscle massage therapy, mobility, and strength and conditioning sessions. In my sport I am required to do an incredible amount of weight lifting, sprinting, agility and positional skills every single day. Brian has been able to help me get into top athletic form WITH an injury to my spine.


Working with Brian is consistently some of the best moments of my week. After every single session with Brian I am convinced that my body is better than it was before. Brian is selfless, dedicated and passionate. I have never met another trainer who I trust more. He is smart, talented, compassionate, hardworking and selfless. I will continue to work with Brian for the rest of my athletic career and beyond. When we first met, I was not able to compete or even train. Through working with Brian I was able to develop the strength and confidence to begin to play again. Exactly one year after meeting Brian I was selected as one of the 26 top Women’s rugby players in the country. I am currently competing in Paris, France at the Women’s World Cup, which is the highest level of competition in the world and I have Brian to thank. (2014)


Lauren Daly

Professional Athlete / USA Rugby

When I first started with Brian I had been experiencing pain with my hip for months. The pain was hindering me from being able to run and do certain lifts. After a few weeks the pain was finally starting to subside and I was able to do some running and complete full workouts again. He not only showed me what I was doing to cause this pain, he also showed me how to prevent this injury from happening again. It is rare to see a trainer invest so much of his personal time into a client but he does this because he genuinely cares about his clients. (2013)


Noah Maypole

It is rare to see a trainer invest so much of his personal time into a client.

hat tip to this hardworking coaching crew.

Brian Finn gave me my life back.  I started working with Brian several months ago. At that time I had daily back pain including disabling muscle spasms. I thought that I would be that way for the rest of my life. Doctors, acupuncturists, and chiropractors had no answers. I was in pain every day. Simply put, life sucked!!! Under Brian’s guidance and expertise, I am now surfing, stand up paddling, and traveling on a regular basis and each day is getting better. His knowledge, dedication to my well being, professionalism, and the ability to problem solve, are the reasons I am engaged in life again. His goal is to get his clients back into living healthy and active lifestyles. He has done that for me and he will do that for you. (2013)


Mike Sanchez

Instructor / San Diego Mesa College

Brian Finn gave me my life back.


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